Monday, December 28, 2009

Free By Default

“I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.” Henry David Thoreau
Being free means that one should be free from the dependence of others for emotional support, that is to live life one should not look to other human beings to make him/her happy or feel alive.
There are two kinds of persons. One who feel good only in company while there are others who find bliss "mostly" with just having some quality peaceful time with themselves or their hobbies.
The former are people who have become so addicted to fellow human beings for pleasure and fun that their whole life runs around them and they are dependant on others to make them happy. They are the people who just cant live on without others being around them. Most, if not all, of them live a totally depressed and sad life as their initial support of security was totally weak. These persons may be called people centered……
How ever there are others who find blissful peace in being mostly alone, without any emotional nagging just plain pure bliss engaged in activities they like and enjoy. Now these are the persons who have found a great and long lasting source of support i.e. themselves. These persons live a life full of happiness, pure bliss, calmness, courage with an adequate amount of fun and pleasure. And that according to me is the real essence of living since most of us are born alone and free by default and will be put to the grave alone.
I am not saying that one should live like a hermit and cut off from society...just i say that being with others cannot guarantee you a happy and peaceful life as most people wrongly believe....
that though people are there to help them or to take help from them and such, but one should try not to rely on other people especially for happiness (relying on them to make one happy is like relying on a spider's web for support as most relationships are bound to break or turn sour) ....and according to my view true and pure happiness is found only within one, with ones' own and not in the crowd, treat them as optional when concerned with having fun....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let the Music Move you


All deep things are song.  It seems somehow the very central essence of us, song; as if all the rest were but wrappages and hulls!  ~Thomas Carlyle


           I had had to write about this subject also. According to my

view songs & musical instruments are quite innocuous and harmless

to human spirit, body and soul. They not only relieve tension &

soothes the nerves but also is a source of clean pleasure and fun…

From my years and years of music listening experience i have to say

that it doesn’t in anyway impure the mind or the spirit as some

pseudo fanatic mullahs of some religions may have you believe.

Believe me it is a simple, clean and pure “hobby” as I say it…

In Islam also Music & Dance are not specifically prohibited in anyway

anywhere and those who say so; say so out of ignorant ramblings and

mediocre self made laws of which there is no context either in Quran

or Alhadith. It may be  considered an unideal act to listen to songs

that contain illicit content but not in anyway is it prohibited……

So forget all those worries, listen to the music and let ur spirit dance with the Music…… and while you are at it why not listen to my very own DJ channel @


Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons.  You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Friday, November 27, 2009

Khilafat and Shariah

Mental Suicide Bomber
Concerning the various articles, books and comments I have come across either in the books, newspapers, internet or magazines etc mainly by extremist zealots regarding “khilafat” and “shariah law” my views are as follows……
Although I cannot deduce with certainty whether khilafat in Muslim countries is worth endeavoring for or not, whether it is right or wrong…… though i can clearly say this with perfect conviction and confidence that the way to khilafat or shariah is definitely not through force or violence. This is the Mensheviks approach which is inhumane, evil and illogical. All the extremist parties and groups’ approach to khilafat i.e. Taliban, Al-Qaida, and Jaish etc through violence against fellow muslims and humans especially in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Pakistan and indirectly in other areas of the worlds through suicide bombings and the like brutally killing other innocent humans…… is EVIL and barbarous and they should be condoned.
The true way to Khilafat, if even the term exists, is not through force or violence but only through conquering the minds and hearts of people through Da’wa (peaceful sermons) and proper exemplary behavior. It is the people themselves who, if properly guided and they deem think right, will bring on Khilafat, not in the form of some law of the country or the like  but only through majority and weight through their own actions, culture and ways. The state and the religion are two separate entities… as in the religion there are only one kind of persons (even they having different perception of religion itself) while in the state there are plethora of people with diverse beliefs, faiths and convictions.
Therefore all the persons and parties like Taliban, Al Qaeda, Jaish etc are well and clearly Evil, anti Moslem and narrow minded fools… and so should be prosecuted with force even by the muslim leaders and people themselves.
Fernando Gregory (Copyright)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An·thro·pol·o·gy Un"Veiled”

Evolve 2

Anthropology is defined as “The scientific study of

the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social,

and cultural development of human beings.”


Having defined the term I have to say without a

whim of doubt that modern anthropology is one

great scam and a hoax  perpetuated by the

secular  pagans who worship  science itself. All

this preposterous idea that man evolved from ape

and originated in Africa is totally absurd and

demonic whimsical fantasy. Like a true

demon this has not only led astray the whole

branch of anthropology itself but also affected

other branches of science like archaeology and

history etc. All the carbon dating techniques used

by the scientists to estimate the presence of man

on earth to millions of years ago to prove their

monkey evolution theory is totally flawed and


The fact of the matter is that man was formed of

mud of the earth in the form of a single droplet of

sperm like matter in a pond like reservoir on earth

about 15000 – 20000 years ago. Period.

Reading the articles of the modern day so

called “educated” scholars on the subject of pre-

stone age people, one is just amused at how

much in depth a human can go in his whimsical


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Every Lie is not a Sin

...If a lie does not harm anyone, then it’s definitely
not a lie. A lie without malice is not a lie at all but
Let me elaborate about the above statement a bit further. When a person lies about some matter and he does not intend to harm anyone nor to defraud, take undue advantage over others rights then there is no harm in that lying. Especially if one lies about something to prevent the situation from escalating then it is in fact a good act. Since we all know that extreme of everything is bad for one, it is especially a valid rule in the laws of virtues and vile as well. Too much lying leads to hell as well as too much telling truth leads to destruction, ill will and even war ....

My Routine Day

Today Monday 28th Sep 2009, I got up at around 11 am in the morning but I had intended to wake up at 8 am. As I looked into my watch I realized that I had overslept and would be going to be late for my ‘Managerial Communication’ MBA class which started at 12 pm sharp. I quickly dressed my-self and without having any breakfast or the usual morning exercise, I dashed out to get the bus. As you can guess I had missed my first session of the class by arriving there at 12:30 am. (Every class has two sessions: one before break and another after it, if one is absent in more than six sessions or two classes then he automatically gets an ‘F’ in it). When I arrived at the Uni (Iqra University, Karachi, Defence Campus, Pakistan) the teacher told me to wait for the next session and couldn’t let me enter the class. So taking my bag and myself I went to the Uni library to wait till 2 pm to at least mark my presence in the second session.
All well and done, after the class was over I got straight back to the bus to take me home. When I arrived home at 6 pm I immediately rested a little and then ate some lunch. After that I realized there was a message in my mobile from some gal I didn’t knew named “Mahwish” on my Nokia cell from a service called “Buddy Chat”. Since it’s my rule that unless I find a person rude or of wicked habit I usually don’t avoid talking to them. I decided to chat with that unknown miss a little while. She told me she was aged 23 and a school teacher and wanted to chat by messaging with me. She asked for my cell number (before that I was messaging to her through the ‘Buddy Chat Program’ on my cell) and I gave it to her. I chatted (messaging) with the unknown her for some time and when that chatting was over I started to surf the net at 9 p.m. up till 3 a.m. as I didn't have any class the next day i.e. Tuesday.
PS From now on I will not bore you with my routine day details much but only do it occasionally and if that day is an important one. Most of the time I will be blogging about my views on various matters….

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What to Post?

Having created my first ever blogsite I still don't know what to post in it....
Here are the Options:
- My weekly life events..
- My views on different subjects..
- Interesting news about Karachi or Pakistan...